Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout

Many people believe that a cardio workout has to be in the form of running, cycling or swimming. But actually you can have a great workout using a kettlebell. The great thing about them is they can be used for so many exercises and they are not restricted to just one or two. An extreme kettlebell cardio workout can easily be done in your own home. To make sure it is safe, you can buy the best interlocking foam mats from Amazon to make sure you don’t slip and fall during the workout.

How Can It Be Cardio When You’re Lifting Weights?

Well, the great thing about kettlebells is you can perform several different exercises with them and they are more flexible than dumbbells. You’re not using them to build muscle, you are using them to have an intense workout that will burn lots of calories and that is why it is a cardio workout.

One of the most popular kettlebell workouts is the simple swing. You hold the kettlebell in both hands whilst standing upright and extend your arms so they are parallel with the ground. Then bend your legs and drop the kettlebell down between your legs. Then stand upright and swing the weight out in front of you again and straighten your arms. This is a complete swinging action and you’ll find it’s a fantastic calorie burner.

The way to make it really intense is to plan out a series of exercises and just go straight from one to the next. So, start and do 2 minutes on one exercise, then switch to the next for 2 minutes and so on. You continue this until your body really starts feeling the pressure. This cycle of various exercises is great at working out several muscle groups and also burning lots of calories.

If you can include an extreme kettlebell cardio workout into your weekly schedule, you’ll soon find out just how intense they are and why they work so well at shredding the fat and helping you lose weight.

How do you Build Muscle Fast?

Today I’m going to focus on health and in particular building muscle.

In this day and age, with the advancement of technology, we want everything fast. We want to get information fast from the internet, we want to speak to someone on the other side of the world and we want to do it fast with skype. We want everything fast!

The same can be said with bodybuilding and fitness in general. When we decide we want to build some muscle, we want to do it the fastest way possible. When we want to lose weight, we want the fastest diet that will make us lose pounds in days not weeks.

Do how do you build muscle fast?

BodybuilderWell let’s just slow this article down for a second! Building muscle is not about doing it fast, it’s about doing it in a way that is healthy and will last. Sure, you could hit them gym and stack up on creatine and muscle building supplements and bulk up in a month but what is the real point of that? If you want to build muscle, then you want it to last right?

One the most common ways to bulk up your strength and muscle is to focus on heavy compound exercises. You need more strength to have bigger muscles, so the compound exercises are awesome to make this happen. The exercises to focus on are squats and deadlifts. These will strengthen up the core of the body and work several major muscle groups. This also means you are burning lots of calories too, so will help with fat loss. You can buy a smith machine for these or even some of the best home multi gyms will allow you to perform these exercises.

Along with these exercises, to build muscle fast, you can include push ups, pull-ups and dips. Use press up bars to add another degree of difficulty to the exercise. If you find these are too easy, add some weight to your body with ankle or waist straps depending on the exercise.

To build muscle fast doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym and performing all the exercises you can. If you concentrate on core exercises, even without weights, you’ll find that your body becomes stronger and your muscles will gain in size very fast.

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