10 Tips on How to Pass Time While Traveling

So you are looking forward to traveling but you are stuck on a plane, bus or train for some long hours. Bummer! Transportation is one of the most dreadful moment during travel. The boredom is out of this world, not to mention the fatigue that comes after. 10 tips are listed below to help you overcome boredom and pass time while traveling.

1. Sleep


Most people resort to this as it’s the easiest. Also, traveling is stressful and hectic so anytime you get a chance to rest your head, do it. Of course, precaution is advised. Some train routes may be unsafe but if you are on a plane, then by all means, sleep.

2. Journal

Writing your thoughts down is a great distraction. It is also a perfect way to keep a detailed record or account of your journey to pass time. While at it, you could also use this time to do some planning and make some to-do lists.

3. Read

When you decide to read you are really spoilt for choice as there is a lot of material available. It could be an airport novel, history about the country you are traveling to, a magazine, etc.

4. Play Online Games

Games are another fun way to pass time. If you don’t want something too engaging, playing games will do.

5. Observe

You can choose to observe the scenery and soak in the beauty of nature. Those who have tried this before can attest to the calming effect it has on someone.

6. Watch Movies

There is no better time to catch up on movies you had on your waiting list. Most planes nowadays have this entertainment option. You get uninterrupted time to watch and choose from any genre that you like.

7. Music

Headphones on, plus your favorite album on will take you to a whole new world of your own. If you are trying to fall asleep with no success, try music. It gives you a soothing feeling and before you know it, you will be at your destination.

8. Strike Up a Conversation

You can easily make friends with other travelers or your seatmate. It is an effortless way to meet new people and you never know who the next person might be. It would be great though if you don’t prolong the conversation because it can get tiresome or boring.

9. Some Phrases in a Foreign Language

If you are traveling over very long distances, chances are there is a different language or dialect there from what you are familiar with. An interesting thing to do would be to learn some basic phrases that you absolutely must use.

10. Meditate

Travel is stressful and meditation will calm your nerves down almost instantly. Alternatively, you can choose to daydream as you look out the window and watch the world going by. Let your imagination come alive!