Seven Reasons to visit South Africa

Safari, exotic animals, rugby, football, extreme sports, incredible beaches and quality restaurants are just a few of the ingredients that transformed a country that was associated with street fights into one of the most important tourist destinations of the world. Mark from just came back and said it was beautiful. Of course, he enjoyed the ironwork and metalwork on many of the older buildings. Here’s seven beautiful attractions of South Africa.

1. The National Park Kruger

South Africa

The place is considered a true heaven for South African hunters. The park has a length of 360 kilometers North-South and 64 kilometers East-West. It’s a huge park where the tourists can see real wildlife shows. It is one of the most popular natural reservations in the world.

2. Here you can see the world’s biggest baobab

The South African natives believed that this tree offended the Creator, and he planted the tree upside down. The tree that we’re talking about today is located in the small town of Modijadjiskloof from the North of the country and it’s age is over 6000 years. It is older than Egyptian pyramids and it lived before the Sahara became a huge desert.

3. The Sudwala Caves

Located in the Mpumalanga province they are considered the oldest caves in the world, with an age of 240 million years. Also, the rocks of the caves date since Precambrian era, being formed 3.8 billion years ago. The caves are one of the most important touristic attractions of South Africa.

4. The Durban Beaches

Palm trees, golden sand, huge waves and five star hotels are waiting the tourists at the shore of the Indian Ocean. The locals call the beaches the Miami Beach of Africa and the tourists that have visited them can confirm this name is not exaggerated. The Durban is one of the biggest ports in the world and a true paradise of the tourists that are willing to relax on an exotic beach.

5. The Robben island

This island doesn’t have any amazing beaches or luxurious hotels, there’s no historic sites or anything of this kind.  On the Robben Island you can see a huge jail. In this jail was locked the president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela and many other political prisoners. Another interest point on the island is the colony of penguins and seals that live on the island. The Robben island is a true cemetery of Dutch and British ships from the past few centuries.

6. The Blyde River Canyon

It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the world. A true jewel of the South Africa it is the third largest canyons of the world. It is the only green canyon on the planet. There’s no less than 60 kilometers of wild nature, cascades, unique geological structure and almost 40 kilometers caves and caverns.

7. Garden Route

Garden route is one of the most spectacular images of the southern African nature. It is a sample of what a trip to south Africa can show you. It is formed where the Indian Ocean meets the Tsitsikamma Mountains and Outeniqua Mountains. Garden Route is a true proof of the beauty that nature can create.