The ultimate guide of the solo traveler

Traveling alone might seem scary at first, but discovering a new city by yourself is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. There are plenty of last-minute city break offers on the internet that are worth your attention. Discovering a new city by yourself is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. Nowadays you can get from London to Paris, from Paris to Berlin and from Berlin to Bruxelles in just a few hours with the Eurostar train. Traveling around Europe was never as easy as it is nowadays. The Western and Northwestern regions of Europe have a developed an amazing infrastructure, that connects the capitals and the most important cities.

solo traveler

One of the most important things that you should do before starting a solo trip is to make sure that you know how the transportation system works in the city you are about to visit. Some cities have unique tickets for trains and buses, some have one-day passes while in other places you can buy the ticket directly from the bus driver. Research this information on the internet and study the most important routes.

Make a realistic budget for your trip and research the main attraction points of the city you are about to visit. You can buy most of the access tickets to the main touristic attraction online. For Vatican, for example, you can buy the one-day pass online and you avoid the 3 hours queue that usually forms at the entrance. There’s a huge number of tourists that visit these places every day and it’s not fun spending half of the time you have in the city staying at these huge queues that form in front of the museums and other attractions, especially if you are there by yourself. If you didn’t buy the tickets online and you decided to wait at the queue, you can make the best of it by making new friends from different corners of the world. You should also look for freebies. In the big cities there are many museums, parks and other attractions that have free entrance.

Try the traditional food of each place you visit. Install TripAdvisor and look for the best traditional restaurants of the city you are visiting. Even though it might seem scary to try new tastes, we promise it is worth it. Each region has its own special dishes, some very popular worldwide, and some specific recipes that the locals have kept for themselves.

Travel light. A three days city break does not require too many clothes. A big luggage requires attention and might be uncomfortable. Instead of carrying a huge trolley, try to fit everything you need for a 3 days trip in a medium size backpack. Leave your laptop at home, you will not have time to spend on the internet if you want to discover a new city.

Look for freebies. In the big cities there are many museums, parks and other attractions that can be visited.