Essential Items You Need For A Rainforest Trip

As an avid traveler, visiting the Great Bear rainforest in Canada was at the top of my bucket list; and with good reason.  You get a chance to not only get in touch with nature, but you also get to enjoy hiking, birding, and photography all in one setting. The rainforests created such a beautiful canopy, which got me thinking of how much I’d want to recreate this in my own home.

Rainforest Trip

Once I was back home Tree Services Annapolis did an amazing job in guiding me on what to do, since I didn’t know how to go about it. This has been such a great project, and I cannot wait for the beautiful landscape that will be as a result of all the trees they are planting in my backyard.

Have you been meaning to go hiking in a rainforest but don’t know what to carry? We highly recommend packing light for such adventures, to avoid your backpack slowing you down. Here are the top essentials that you will need.


The rainforests can be quite chilling, especially in cold weather. You should wear heavy clothing, to keep the cold at bay. To begin with, we recommend having a base layer of clothing. This includes mid-weight top and bottoms and synthetic t-shirt, sports bra and briefs, depending on your preference.

This should then give way to the outer layer, which should include waterproof clothing such as jacket, gaiters, and pants. Opt for breathable fabric as well to maintain your body temperature at optimum. Go for synthetic material when it comes to your hiking pants and shorts.


Hiking in the rainforests is not a one-day affair. Therefore, you may need to bring along items that you will need for cooking and accommodation purposes. A three-season tent would suffice in this case, because it’s designed for use even in harsh weather conditions. Opt for a down sleeping bag that’s at least 10 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Such sleeping bags are designed to excel in overly cold and dry conditions. They are also lightweight and easy to compress, thus perfect for backpacking. You may also consider carrying an inflatable sleeping pad to give you extra warmth during the night.

Other essential items include a first aid kit, water bottles, and suitable water treatment options. These can either be tablets, drops or a filler. Fuel canisters and waterproof matches for cooking, with a headlamp to provide light at night. We also recommend packing a pocket knife, compass and trekking poles for slippery terrains.


Hiking requires that you put on proper footwear which will allow you to cover long distances with ease. Do you love camping? We highly recommend using your camping footwear for this. Additionally, pack two pairs of liner socks and about three pairs of woolen or synthetic socks alongside your hiking boots.

Health and Comfort Related Items

There are tons of mosquitoes among other insects in the rainforest.  As such, you need to pack your insect repellents and insect bites relief products in case of any itches. Sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm are also essential items since you would want to keep your skin protected at all times. During my trip, I learned that it’s wise to carry medication for fever, colds, bites and altitude sickness in case anyone falls sick. If you are a light sleeper, do not leave your earplugs at home because of the noises wildlife make at night.

These are just the basic items that you will need for your trip. You may need so much more depending on the destination and how long you will stay. The number one tip? Always be prepared.